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hi everyone- welcome to my blog- i created this to keep everyone posted on my training for the 26.2 mile marathon i will run in october (lord willing). for more info about the marathon visit my webpage at

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

mission accomplished

As many of you already know, I successfully completed the 26.2 mile marathon!!!! Now ask me if I ever what to do it again.... the answer is heck no!!!!! But, it was such an awesome experience!!!!!! Thank you to everyone who supported me!!!! Here are some photos of me, Roberta, and Priscilla in SF before and after the marathon:

This is us in our super cool TNT jackets @ the SD airport.... we are sooooo cool!

This photo was taken on top of the Macy's store in union square- it overlooks the midde of the square where Nike set up camp. There were 15000 people at this race... so you can imagine the craziness!!!

This is us hot girls across from the Nike Town.... the big black wall by Nike Town is actually a window with all of the names of the runners and walkers of the marathon.

This is my name on that wall... it was pretty cool to see it! It's an awesome feeling being apart of something so big!

The moto of the marathon was "Run Like A Girl"....

And this is me running like a girl at mile 18- not the greatest photo.... but what can ya expect after running for 4 hours!

The girl with the blue knees is me, of course... and that's my hubbie Gabe and his sis Cristiana walking with me at mile 25. At this point, I had been walking for the last 6 miles... I was in so much pain b/c both of my feet cramped up. Ouch! I was all smiles though... even though most of the people had already finished at this point, I was still trucking on and happy to do so.

FINISH LINE HERE I COME! At mile 25.5 I find enough left in me to run through the finish line.... PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!

This is all of us after I finish- Priscilla finished at a little over 5 hours, and Roberta finished at 5.75 hours. We were all so happy!!!! NO MORE RUNNING! :) At least for a little while.

This is the gang after we celebrate at Zach's pizza in Berkeley. FOOD NEVER TASTED SO GOOD AFTER RUNNING FOR 7 HOURS!!!!

This was taken on the plane ride back.... Thanks everyone for supporting me! It was the best trip I have ever been on! I will continue to run marathons, but probably only halves... I'll keep you posted. :)

Monday, October 16, 2006

6 days and counting

Well, to anyone who actually has been reading my blog, I am at the final days until the Nike marathon. I went and saw a new chiro last week- he had some good news and some bad. Where should I start?.... maybe the bad.

The bad- the cartilage under my knee is wearing away. Ouch. Literally. I think it's called runners knee (?)

The good- I can still run.

The bad- I can only run if I wear these blue knee socks and also knee bands- basically they are these super long and TIGHT stretchy things that cover half the length of the legs. Oh yes- I have two ear them on each leg. Then to top it off, I have to wrap this skinny band under my knee cap as tight as possible. As you can imagine- it looks very un-cool.

Outcome- I really don't care about how the heck I look b/c there are way too many people with cancer going through radiation and chemo loosing their hair and hanging onto the frail life they now have.

I am going to finish that race no matter what it takes- I don't care if I'm the last person, I don't care if I end up crawling... I'm finishing the race and when I see that finish line I am going to remember that even though my race is completed, the race is still not over for many others. There are still men, women, and children in hospitals who can't get out of bed- who can't even keep their food down. Please pray for me, and please pray that we find a cure for all types of cancer. We can't give up- not until we find the cure.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Pulled hammy

Have you ever seen that commercial where a middle-aged goofy white guy is stretching on a track around some could be pro-Kenyon-marathoners? Well, the white guy says very non-chalantly "don't wanna pull a hammy" to the other racers, and they look at him like he's crazy. And of course the white guy ends up winning some how. I love that commercial.

Well, That was the first thing I thought of when I pulled my hamstring on Saturday. I couldn't quit make it to the finish- I made it to mile 13 and decided to call it a day. It's been hurting since, so today I have to see a chiropractor. I hope it's not serious- the longest run before the big race is coming up- 20 miles. I hope I can run it.

Friday, September 15, 2006


I am still stoked that we raised over 2 G's last Saturday at the spaghetti dinner & raffle! Thank you to everyone who made it out- you guys made it a great night! Unfortunately, I have one more reason to keep me motivated for this marathon- One of the coordinators for Team In Training just relapsed and has some rare form of Leukemia. She was diagnosed w/ Leukemia a few years ago and went into remission, but now it's back. She is currently in the ICU at the hospital, as she has phenomena from her immune system being so low. She is a really sweet person, and her love for life and other people is amazing! Please pray that she gets better- we all miss seeing her smiling face before our long runs :) We miss you Michele!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Raffle!!!!!! I know you want to buy some tickets!!!

We (Roberta, Priscilla and I) are raffling off some cool stuff- Weekend stay in a beach front condo in Rosarito, Queen size mattress set, Sephora gift baskets, Adio shoes, gift certificates to restaurants, and so much more stuff!!!! So if you would like to buy some raffle ticket, please give me a holler! The raffle will be on September 9th- We need to raise at least $3000!

Also, if you have something you would like to contribute to our raffle- we would be very thankful!

Thanks for visiting my Blog!


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm such a worry wart...

I made it through the gruesome 16 mile Train run!!!! So I guess there is no need to post my photo on the news...

Wow was it crazy- I still can't believe I made it!!! Thank you for praying for me- This was one day I really felt them! A lot of people could not make the whole 16- they gave it their best shot though!!! Even if they ran 13... That's still really hard! I had to walk a lot between miles 11 and 15- it was all hill, and with the heat I knew I had to be careful! This walking time also gave Coach Teri a chance to show me some cool speed walking techniques. To all of you who make fun of speed walkers.... Don't knock it till you try it!!!! It takes a lot of practice, and is harder than it looks. It's all in the hips, and it uses completely different muscles than when you run. Anyhow- not sure what I would have done with out her! Roberta and Priscilla did great- I think they were pleasantly surprised I made I made it back in one piece :)

Oh~ if you would like to buy some raffle tickets from us, let me know! We are selling them for $3 each or 8 for $20.... Raffle prizes include a 2 night stay in a Rosarito Condo, New Queen size mattress set, Sephora gift baskets, Adio shoes, Pampered Chef products, Big Bear lift tickets, several restaurant gift certificates, and lots more. Just post a comment, and I'll let you know :)

Friday, August 25, 2006

Errr.... 16 miles....

Sooo..... I am supposed to run 16 miles tomorrow..... I would like to take this moment and share my thought about that.

What?!!! Oh my Gosh!!!! WHAT INSANE PERSON THOUGHT OF THAT! I JUST BARELY RAN 13 FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE.... THAT MEANS EVER!!!!!!!! Now I'm supposed to run 16??? You've got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I had to get that off me chest.

Oh, and in case I get lost... please don't send in a ugly photo of me to the 11 o'clock news people. I would prefer a decont photo of myself- like the one I have at my desk. This is one of the few photos of me where I am not making a weird face or my eyes are closed... or both. I would really appciate it.